Salvation Army Kettle Drive

The Rotary Club of Griffin annually supports the Salvation Army by donating money and time to the Kettle Drive and the local Distribution Center. Rotarians, family and friends staffed the kettle at the Griffin Kroger from November 30, 2020 through December 24, 2020 for a total of 170 hours. Salvation Army committee co-chairs Katherine Smith, Natalie Marshal and Eric Worrell solicited 44 Griffin Rotarians to ring the bell at the kettle tallying 88 hours to ring the bell.

The club donated $2,500 from its Project Fund to the kettle drive. The Griffin Rotary kettle raised $32,562.

The Rotary Club of Griffin embraces the opportunity to assist the Salvation Army in helping families.

The Rotary Club of Griffin is proud of its continuing partnership with the Salvation Army.

Partner Involvement
Salavation Army; Rotary Club of Griffin Daybreak

Rotarian John Crouch and Daughter ring the bell.

John Ring Bell SA.JPG

John Ring Bell SA.JPG