Facts and Figures

Number of Members as of June 30, 2016

Active . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .122

Honorary . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . .4

Dues: $250.00 per quarter which includes Thursday meal and $30.00 Project Fund.

Project Fund: Is administered by the board and is used for charitable and constructive purposes. It is funded by $30.00 of your dues and from income from the Vivia Seals Trust of the R. G. Hunt Estate. Funds from the W. C. Jackson Estate are used for foreign scholarships. Funds from the Paul Wrenn Estate are used for local scholarships.

Attendance: A good Rotarian attends every meeting possible and makes up those thatare missed through necessity. Membership is automatically forfeited by missing four (4) consecutive meetings without make-up or by failing to attend at least 60% of all meetings during any six (6) month period.

New Members: Member presents a written proposal to the Secretary, or any member of the board, or the Membership Development Committee. At this point the proposal should be confidential and does not require the proposer’s consent or prior attendance at any meeting. When the necessary board approval is secured, the proposer is notified and is then encouraged to invite the proposee to visit the club. If the proposee is interested in becoming a member, the proposer informs the Secretary who arranges withe the Information Committee a meeting with both prospect and sponsor for instruction in the history and mission of Rotary. The entire membership is informed at this point and given an opportunity to note in writing any objections. The board then elects or declines and the proposer is notified of the action.

For more information:

Yvonne Langford for: Membership Proposal Cards, Copy of Bylaws, Rotary Directory, and Rotary Club locations all over the world.

William Wilson for: Photographs.

Art Hammond for: Paul Harris information, Will Watt information, and Georgia Rotary Student Fund information.

Mailing Address: Griffin Rotary Club, P. O. Box 473, Griffin, Ga. 30224 USA