President's Welcome Message

The Rotary Club of Griffin was formally organized February 26, 1924, and immediately developed a tradition of prestige and excellence that it has maintained ever since. Many current members are second and third generation Rotarians. Throughout the community today, you meet many Rotary Club members because the Club is recognized as one of the most active organizations in Griffin and the surrounding communities. Our membership is made up of men and women from all facets of our community. The Rotary Club of Griffin is well known for the many local projects that members are involved in that create a positive difference in our community. We have 35 active committees that enable members to choose the area of involvement that is most appealing to them. The Rotary Club of Griffin meets each Thursday for lunch so that members can enjoy a good, interesting program and socialize with their peers. Our theme for this year is "Rotary: Making a Difference".

Tom Gardner
94th President
Rotary Club of Griffin

Laws of Life Essay Winner Jackie Harmon

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Griffin Rotary Blog

Stories about Rotary as told by our membership.

Carrying on a Tradition of Service

My father was a Rotarian and a former President of the Spring Lake, MI, Rotary Club. I remember occasionally going to meetings with him as a child. Twice our family hosted Rotary students (one from Finland and the other from Germany) when I was in high school. When I became involved in the Rotary Club of Griffin as an adult, I felt like … [more]

Stephen Mulder Posted by Stephen Mulder
February 12, 2017 5:55pm

One only need look at the membership

To understand the Rotary Club of Griffin, one only needs to look at the membership. Service above self is seen in the everyday lives of the men and women that comprise this club. Every member is plugged into and active in most every aspect of Griffin, Georgia. From church committees to youth groups to community outreach, Griffin Rotarians … [more]

Jeff Jacobs Posted by Jeff Jacobs
February 7, 2017 1:44pm

I'm Very Proud to be Associated

Rotary’s motto Service above Self can be traced back to the very beginning of Rotary when Arthur F Sheldon addressed the first convention of Rotary in Chicago. Sheldon stated in his speech to the attendees, “only the science of right conduct towards others pays.Business is the science of human services.He profits most who serves his fellows … [more]

Corey Letson Posted by Corey Letson
December 13, 2016 9:00am

A Sense of Belonging

Growing up in Griffin, I knew Rotary mainly through the programs and events they sponsored, as well as Interact. I knew that they did great things in the community, but not much about the group itself. It took joining the Club to understand how the motto of Service above Self plays out in practice in the day-to-day actions of my fellow Rotarians … [more]

Natalie Marshall Posted by Natalie Marshall
October 27, 2016 3:08pm

Rotary is a large part of my Life

Rotary came into my life at a young age with the Rotary Boys Choir - sponsored by the club and directed by Mrs. Gretchen Cummings and accompanied by Mrs. Emily Harris, pianist. I thought it was wonderful that the Rotarians, a great group of respected community and civic leaders, would sponsor us. Later, I enjoyed visiting the club as a Student Rotarian … [more]

Dick Brooks Posted by Dick Brooks
October 2, 2016 9:09pm

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End Polio Now

Since 1985, Rotary has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in the effort to rid the world of the polio virus. We are this close.

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